Medical software when you need it

Patient care is your priority.  Having the right information to help you diagnose your patients is critical for the success of your practice as well as the health of your patients.  The Big L Company (TBL) provides medical software programs that allow physicians access to relevant, concise medical information in a manner which is convenient and quick.

A note from Dr. John LaMarca


My name is Dr. John LaMarca, D.O.. My company, the Big L Co., has developed a program to guide physicians and secondary providers in the interpretation of laboratory values. As you know, along with the history, physical exam, and radiographic studies, laboratory screening is an important part of evaluating sick patients in an effort to establish the diagnosis of the underlying disease state. Laboratory diagnosis is not taught at medical schools, rather physicians are exposed to labs in their third and fourth (clinical) years of medical school and seem to learn by being exposed. Also, we have greatly expanded our ability to diagnose disease through laboratory data in the past ten years (Janus Kinase 2 mutations in myeloproliferative diseases, flow cytometry in most blood disorders, etc) yet we still refuse to teach this as a part of our medical school curriculum. Also, physicians who learned to interpret labs during their residencies, have not kept current with the newer methods of disease diagnosis. All of this leads to waste through inappropriate and excessive diagnostic testing. The Interpreter streamlines this whole issue. Initially, the user is given a list of common screening labs and is able to select the preferred abnormality. The user is then given text on the specific lab abnormality to include symptoms, common causes, and treatments. Also on this page, the user can select one of two further options via the differential diagnosis button (a thorough list of diseases associated with that particular lab abnormality) or the work up button (flow chart format that guides the user in the selection and interpretation of further diagnostic studies). In all screens, the user may click on colored words which are generally disease states that move the user to text on that particular disease and instructs the clinician on which tests will be helpful in establishing the diagnosis, along with a review of the disease. We must as a profession stop believing we know everything about a field which has been continuously and silently changing all around us. This is a major cause of wasteful medical spending. We at the Big L believe the Interpreter can be used to guide physicians and secondary providers through the realm of laboratory medicine in a cost effective, easy to use way that results in meaningful use (not a term I coined). Please review our program at , and feel free to contact me to discuss this further. If we are to truly cut waste in medicine, we need to stop wasteful medical habits. I look forward to hearing from you.

John LaMarca, D.O.
The Big L Co.