Medical software when you need it

Patient care is your priority.  Having the right information to help you diagnose your patients is critical for the success of your practice as well as the health of your patients.  The Big L Company (TBL) provides medical software programs that allow physicians access to relevant, concise medical information in a manner which is convenient and quick.

The Interpreter

The Interpreter provides physicians with quick, easy-to-use decision trees (flowcharts) and the corresponding description of diseases based on the selection of lab abnormalities.  This tool is available using any internet capable computer or hand-held device allowing the physician convenient access before, during and after interacting with patients.

The Interpreter provides:

  • Lab abnormality selection
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Workup flowcharts
  • Ability to "integrate" multiple lab values for a differential diagnosis list

Why use the Interpreter? Click here to read why.