Medical software when you need it

Patient care is your priority.  Having the right information to help you diagnose your patients is critical for the success of your practice as well as the health of your patients.  The Big L Company (TBL) provides medical software programs that allow physicians access to relevant, concise medical information in a manner which is convenient and quick.


We have been speaking with medical professionals, asking how we can improve the Interpreter.  Many of you have asked that we make the Interpreter available on smart phones and also that we integrate the product into your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) programs.  Currently supported smart phones:

1.  iPhone/iPad
2.  Android (select Top Free, category: medical)
3.  Windows Phone 7 (requires Zunes to search app store)
4.  Blackberry

We are trying to work with some of the more popular EMR companies.  If you have a specific EMR product you need integrated, please contact The Big L Company.  Here is a sample link of how an EMR integration would look (see the green Interpreter button on the right side of the page).